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Some of us live to see the end of a war as a miracle; some of us don’t live to see the pain end. For some, the end of the war is an opportunity to live your life, start families, begin again. We live to protect and serve the people of our respective nations; but the entire story is rarely revealed to one person. Sometimes, the experience of war is traumatic, inhumane, incomprehensible. Sometimes, our actions precede us, our names may be known far and wide, or we may fade into obscurity. Sometimes the story isn't what it seems. Looking back, we may come to regret our actions. But after the war, forgiving, forgetting. That's not the hard part. It's letting go.

Just an Idea I had sitting around with my buddy. I hope you all enjoy it and thanks John for giving me this great idea! I hope you enjoy reading it!

Also I want to note there will be 3 chapters for this story total. Each will vary on when they get released when I get time to write more of it and edit it on my own time.

Chapter 1 War Completed
Chapter 2 Madness Drafted
Chapter 3 After The Fact. Planning

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My name is Austin G. Lancaster. Before the first strike, I served in the United States Marine Corps as a Lieutenant in Western Iraq to defend against rebels allied with Russia. My job, life, and everything I considered normal is long gone. The only thing that I have to remember it are the scars I bear.

Was it worth it...?

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How knowing you have a duty to perform and fulfilling it to protect someone makes losing something you hold dear worth losing... Right?

Crashing down will tie into A New Beginning way later on. Look forward to it. :D

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