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I'm just a former brony sticking around for the endings of my favorite fimfics.

More about me

Hi! I'm ryttyr. I am a 20+ years old, Swedish guy. I am here for the reading and the fun in being a part of this fandom. I love to read, especially fantasy novels, sci-fi novels and of course My Little Pony fanfictions. Some of my other interests are: watching YouTube, playing computer games, learning interesting things and watching movies.

I am not really the writing type of brony. But maybe, maybe I'll sit down one day and write some pony fiction, Who knows? I am quite good at writing (even though I don’t really like to write) and I have a good imagination after all so maybe I'll write something, someday. My English isn't always perfect tough as it's not my mother tongue but I am rather good at it nonetheless and I do understand it perfectly well.

Another interesting (or maybe not) fact about me is that I'm reading all these stories on my smartphone, as it's easier than bringing my computer everywhere, like a book.

My avatar was drawn for me by paper pony if anyone wonders. He (my avatar) is a grey unicorn with a navy blue mane and tail and with a white stripe running through the mane. I'm not sure what I'd look like if I myself was a pony but my cutie mark would probably be an XYZ-axis with a mouse cursor drawing a line through it.


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Hello. This is a short explanation for whoever may visit my user page and wonders how I have decided to sort stories and other things here.

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2403940 it was a good read. Litterally the only downside with it was that, just as I got used to projecting Gilda as a pony in my mind she turned back into a griffin and the re-training of my mind was for nought :derpytongue2:.
Okay, there was this one thing that bothered me slightly as well and that is that Gilda's personality seems to change between chapter 2 and 3.
But otherwise I enjoyed every bit of it. There's quite a lot of unexplored potential in the concept but it's definitely a fine story as is.

Thanks for enjoying Gilda. It was a wonderful project with a good friend of mine.

I do do that, and they're gonna merge eventually. Just not yet.

Nah! It's okay I like to converse. I didn't have much else to do anyways.


Heh, well I couldn't say any longer, Ryttyr, it was just a guess. :x Sorry If I'm buggin' yah by the way.

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