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You really don't have to find true love. Not as long as you have good friends and family. I'm not saying be loveless. Just wait til you see the moment and take a chance. Trust me it will be worth it


The end is coming. · 12:31am October 12th

So... Gen 4 of MLP is ending... it's really sad. We won't see the characters the same way again.. so I've decided to tell how I came to see this show.

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It's all good. Good things come to those who wait.

Thanks for adding Umbria! Deep apologies for a cliffhanger going on, still working on my stories and its chapters while getting my brain all sparked up. Life and Work are cruel mistresses of writing delays. Lol

No problem bud

Thanks for adding Road To Eternity!

Reading it right now. Will comment.

Yep-a-rooney! That’s the one. With an adorable little Flutters.

Not yet, But I will read it now. Heart-a-Flutter right?

Hai. Have you seen my newest story yet?

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