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You really don't have to find true love. Not as long as you have good friends and family. I'm not saying be loveless. Just wait til you see the moment and take a chance. Trust me it will be worth it


Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Super Skrull · 9:57am January 8th

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Thanks for the fave!

Ok. I'll check it out.

Also I changed the beginning a bit, but the credit goes to the user I mention in the author's note.

Hi there, I'm back, and with renewed confidence and I've recently posted two new chapters, let me know what you think, and this time I intend on updating constantly :pinkiehappy:

Cool stuff man.

I'm glad. I know I've got comments before hand that need to take things slow instead of going straight for the romance flick. I think I managed to work it out well with this passing, and I still got plenty of chapters for this story.

I know. I love it. It was a tender and nice chapter.

That's really cool. By the way, I just updated with a brand new chapter. I do hope you like it!

No problem Broman. I love Tempest. She is one of my new faves. I even got a Funko Pop of her.

I see that my story has caught your eye and his earned a place in your collection. I do appreciate the love for it.

  • Viewing 167 - 176 of 176
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