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Everyone has wondered where Pinkie actually resided; the shophouse seemed too tiny to house an extra pony, and every other pony thought that Pinkie slept on the counter top. A curious Scootaloo asks her and gets more than what she asked for.

Now with a reading by Midnight29! Link here!

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When you step out of line, sometimes it's because you're new. But how could I have not seen this coming? I mean, how harmless can a town of zombies, six ponies and a song be?

Everyone is supposed to be equal, right? Someone isn't playing fair now, is she... At least give every pony a fair share, because total equilibrium, that's why.

Also, I ship her and Double Diamond.

Rated T for profanities.

Might contain head-canon that you don't approve of. Pft.

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Rainbow finds herself in a cell mysteriously. So does Trixie, just in the cell next to Rainbow's. And the only way to escape? Escape with the answers they find in their cell.

Hint: It's a game. The story IS complete.
Hint 2: All passwords are in small letters.

A/N: First attempt at doing this. I had always wanted to do this kind of style, and uniquely too. FiMFic offered me the opportunity with its... rather protective feature. I just need to uh... use it.
A/N2: Also, I don't try to write long stories, because I don't have the patience to. If you want me to extend it, please do tell me! It would encourage me (also, throw in some ideas. I like ideas :3) I certainly can extend this story, but for now, it stays at it is: Just another short.

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Scootaloo always has that strange warm fuzzy feeling whenever she hangs out with her.
Same goes for Apple Bloom.

With advice from Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo decides to ask her out.

Contains a small part of FlutterDash too.

Much thanks to HellRyden for editing this!

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Happens during S3E6: Sleepless In Ponyville.

Scootaloo tries to fall asleep the night before they all go camping together. She can't.
After all, she's going with Rainbow Dash. And she can't be any happier. She finally gets someone around in her life that she wants.

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Cadance? Sigh. I should have seen this coming. I shouldn’t have fallen in love with a mare I shouldn’t have. I shouldn’t have become best friends with the mare I loved. And now, I can’t do anything but watch her get whisked away by my other best friend.

Even within your best of friends, there are things that you do not know about. Things that may hold truth as to why Shining Armor can dance even though he knows he can't. Changelings? Perhaps.

The male changeling Vinyl Scratch studies in Canterlot High. Unorthodox may it be to leave the hive, but granted permission from the queen, he studies there and befriends Shining Armor and Cadance.

However close he may be to them, he lives a life of lies. Can s/he withstand the pressure it is to do it? To live a double identity- a pony on the outside, a changeling within? He's Vinyl Scratch- the changeling within.

Rated T for coarse language.
Edit: Added [Romance]

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When some pony wakes up and finds herself unable to move, unable to talk, unable to even elicit any emotions, what can she do but stare at the darkness ahead?

Then the lights go on, and she realises something: it's better to be in blissful darkness than in living hell.

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This story is a sequel to Regret

From the author of 'I Am Octavia' and 'Regret', I bring you the threequel in the next series, I Fall in Fall. (As usual, you don't have to read the others to read this one, although you may understand more in-depth.)

A change of events, a change in lifestyle. As life progresses for Vinyl and Octavia, one learns the simplicity of life, and one has to treasure what she already has. Among these stepping stones to life, a teal mare pays more than just a visit, and a paparazzi goes all out to wreck their relationship.

The question is, why? And how does one cope when they can't get problems to go away?

The answer is music. Music is the key to everything.

Much thanks to Luminary, Runcible Spoon and Raaron for proofreading / pre-reading / editing it for me, and much thanks to the Singapore Brony Society and SPARKLE for tolerating with so much BS I threw at them, only to scrap them all.
P.S. If I miss you out, I SINCERELY APOLOGISE D: Please PM me if I did forget about you though.

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This story is a sequel to I am Octavia

This is the sequel to my 'I am Octavia'. (P.S. You do not need to read it to read this story, but it's recommended.)

EDIT: A threequel is here! A Fall in Fall

After 'I am Octavia', Octavia finally caved in. Not everyone can lose their best friend turned life partner, and not everyone can stand up from it. She leaves Vinyl after a devastating phone call, and she regrets it, but will she be in time to reconcile with her love?

Changed the pic once. Source: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/103/2/6/octascratch_by_donusaur-d61jenn.jpg

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EDIT: Now comes with a sequel!
EDIT2: Now comes with a threequel!
Before any comments about me ripping it off from the song, yes, most of it is his work. I'm just responsible for the parts in bold. Heck I even credited him, but I guess people don't even read the author's note at the start... -.-

Just messing around, doing a little experimentation here and there. Not actually a... story, per se... just playing inside Tavi's head.

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