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Thousand Year Change Update! · 9:57pm Oct 27th, 2014

First off, I wanted to wish all of you a Happy Halloween/ Nightmare Night. I had wanted to update the story by Friday, but it doesn't look like that will be possible. So I'm here to tell you all that when I do update there will be two chapters instead of one. Maybe three but we'll see.

Second, I finally saw Rainbow Rocks. Not bad. In my authors notes in the upcoming chapter I'll give my thoughts on it.

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Alicornundrum...Am I Wrong in Hating it? · 4:29am Sep 2nd, 2014

Before I start. I want to make one thing clear. I don't hate Reality Check. I think he/she is an amazing author, much better than I am. However, after the last chapter of Alicornundrum, I felt the need to down vote it as well as take it off my favorites list. I have never felt the need to do this before.

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Annoying part 1 · 1:44am Aug 25th, 2014

Well, while my next chapter is being checked for grammer and the like, I decided to catch up on my reading for a bit. One of the stories I read was 'She said No' which, at first I found interesting. I could understand where Twilight was coming from, however I did feel she was being a bit out of character since the Twilight I know whats to help other ponies in need. But I can let it slide since she is mad and not thinking straight. All in all, i thought it was a decent read and considered

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Another Idea...WHY?! · 6:00pm Jul 13th, 2014

Ok, the next chapter of The Thousand Year Change is taking longer because I am working extra hard on it and I don't have a lot of free time to write right now. I am going to a boot camp class in an attempt to lose 50 pounds, trying to get some reading done, working two jobs, and helping my dad fix his boat deck. So...yeah.

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Future Idea's · 4:39pm Jan 9th, 2014

Here are some idea's I thought of doing after The Thousand Year Change is over. I'd love to hear what you all think!

Sisters?! While at the Golden Oaks Library, Twilight convinces Scootaloo to be the test subject for her latest spell. The spell works, but reveals a shocking truth: they have the same mother!

Cutie Mark Crusader Pet Owners! Nyn and the rest of the CMC would like their own pets. Watch as they go to Fluttershy's in order to find the perfect pet of each of them.

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