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Hey gang, im Paper. Im 23, junior at a military college, and a military brony. I've served in the Army in some facet since 2009. Im a fresh writer, so comment up the story brohammer!


Life's great. · 4:04am Oct 20th, 2015

Wow. This has been a dreadful semester.

Motivation for all my writing died.
My guard unit hasn't been to great.
My school is getting increasingly more depressing in their treatment of seniors who got in the briefest of trouble.
All my friends got kicked out of school for things that at normal colleges wouldn't even have been looked at.
My grandfather had a stroke.

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Donezo · 6:59am Aug 14th, 2015

After an evening with the sailor formerly known as Jerry, I'm deciding to go on indefinate hiatus. I don't think this writing thing is for my guise. I hope you've enjoyed all two chapters of FoE:ToaD. I did enjoy writing it, but I simply don't have the time I did a year ago.

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New direction. · 6:19pm Jul 24th, 2015

So I've been awol for a good bit with my story, Tales of a Dashite. I've been at Fort Knox for the better part of a month, and prior to that I was rolling deep in Fort Stewart, and had an asston and a half of school work to do.

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so I guess I am pretty bad at this writing stuff.. · 6:05am Apr 11th, 2015

So this writing stuff is a hell of a lot harder than I originally though. Words are tough.

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Restructuring · 11:59pm Mar 16th, 2015

Decided to enact a bit of rewriting to the story. It has been moved to hiatus status, and all of the chapters have been unpublished. EVERYTHING is being redone. The same basic story will be relatively untouched. However, expect some changes, even if you are a fan I recommend you go back and re read it. Right now, there have been over 4000 words added to the first chapter alone. Expect the first new chapter in a day or two.

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The struggle is so real. · 12:42pm Oct 17th, 2014

Well. Writing seems to be a lot harder than I thought. Don't get me wrong, I knew it would be a challenge. I just didn't envision how much life would get in the way. Coupled with the struggles of daily life and boy, do you get a problem! I've got such mad respect for people who can continuously pump out work week after week. That being said, I probably will not be posting many chapters in the near future. I'm absolutely slammed with school, national guard, and extracurricular stuff that isn't

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