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Pinkie Pie was known for disappearing and reappearing all over Ponyville, heck even all of Equestria. But what happens when the pink mare reappears and there's a hitchhiker along for the ride that only she can hear?

"Well, it's not a party, I can tell you that much."

Will the poor deluded mare go insane?


Will her friends abandon her?

"Ugh, no!"

Will she ever learn that eating cake every day will make her plot bulge up like a particularly round and unsightly balloon?

"N-hey! My butt's not that-!"

Tune in and find out!

"Why yo-!"

(Sort of a writing experiment,)

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Fluttershy is kind. Everypony knows that, and everypony loves her for it. But sometimes, being kind gets you into trouble. When Fluttershy hears a cry for help in the Everfree forest, she goes to help without thinking. She probably should have. After all, then she wouldn't have come face to face with a twelve foot tall monster with razor sharp teeth, and nothing resembling intelligence. But it does have something resembling hunger, and it looks like she's the only piece of meat around!

(A story about an original character that I made a while ago entering the friendship is magic world. The character was not for a specific fandom, just for a short story that I wrote. First fan fiction I've written i a long time, and I'd take any criticism. )

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