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After the effect of the spell that converted Canterlot into the opposite sex was removed, everypony was supposed to turn back to normal. Unfortunately, Soarin isn't one of those ponies, and the reason may be as unwanted as his new bundle of joy.

Luckily for him, he's not the only one.

Written during the events of Season 3. Future canon will be applied, but keep this in mind when reading the first four chapters.

If you like/dislike, please leave a reason why. It helps me improve the story every time you comment.

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I can remember the day she said those words I never wanted to hear like it was yesterday; sometimes it disappears, but it just pops up again. And no mare has ever lived up to her either.

But that was before the incident in the Doctor's basement. Now that I have the chance to do everything right, I won't let her slip through my hooves again- if I can make it to that night without screwing it up.

Chapters (4)