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New Pounding Pumpkin chapter out · 11:11am Jan 31st, 2020

Five and a half years later, I randomly decide to write up a new chapter to a fic I got myself banned trying to cheat the site with. Who’d have thunk it.

It’s angsty, melodramatic, and definitely not fitting the tone that the first chapter was flirting with.

So yeah, what I’m saying is, Pounding Pumpkin has a new chapter and I would appreciate everyone who went and read it, especially those who leave feedback. It was a good piece to clear my mind, and I’m glad I wrote it.

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New project in the works. · 4:42am Jan 28th, 2020

I haven't watched the show since season 4. Have hardly lurked on this site for the past five years. But something pulled me back in, randomly, and I ended up beginning a new project. At first I was hesitant to announce it, since there's been many other projects over the past years that I've either started only to stop before I released it, or abandoned out of the blue.

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How active is this site still? · 8:40am Jan 26th, 2018

Long time no see. So that fic I talked about, shit, almost a year ago? I finished up the chapter later that week and showed a few friends, then never posted it. Didn’t see a reason to, and I made the point to myself that I could do it. It was mainly for a friend anyways. But I wonder if there’s even an audience for it? If anyone wants to read it, I’ll post it. Skyrim pones, a single chapter so far. If anyone wants me to continue, I probably would. Let me know.

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New Story Progress · 3:37am May 8th, 2017

Don't get too excited. I am terrible at sticking to my own plans and everyone should know I've disappointed before. That said, I've wrote about 4K words today on this fic I'm working on and I think I might actually see it through to completion. I make no promises, but it might be getting close. Here's to hoping I actually do something finally, amiright?

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Elder Scrolls Online? · 5:31am Mar 11th, 2017

Duuudes I've been playing a bunch of Skyrim lately due to one of my friends getting me back into it. SO naturally I've been looking into the lore, and was reading about ESOnline, and actually just saw this week that Morrowind is coming out.

Sooo... does anyone play ESO? And is it pretty good? How different is it than Skyrim? And have the changes they've implemented since it was released actually improved the game from the knock-off WoW clone it started out as?

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