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Pre/Proof Reader · 6:03am Dec 4th, 2017

Hello all,
Figured i'd pool from the people on here I know (Yes i'm still around, most days in fact) to see if anyone would like to be a test reader for a Fallout Equestria story? Merely PM me or answer here or whatever works.


4 Das Until Destiny! · 7:42pm Sep 5th, 2014

I'm greatly anticipate this game as it is very different from Halo. Everyone tries to say it is the same but those are usually only people who have yet to try it.
I made a clan for it dedicated to exploration and understanding the story of it and of course ponies because sure why not.

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7 Days Till Destiny!! · 3:37pm Sep 2nd, 2014

So is anypony following me getting it? If so, which system??

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Over 100 watchers? How? · 1:53pm Aug 14th, 2014

Hello everypony I thought I'd drop in the say thank you for 100 followers. I'm not sure how I have massed this number with not a single story (Yet!) but im grateful. I do want to put out that I do have a story in the works and more information will be put out on that as it progresses.

Anyway so how is everypony??

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