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Feature Box · 7:11pm Jul 14th, 2020

Making it to the feature box is something worth being excited over, but it doesn't mean as much as a lot of novice writers think it does. Adding a million "featured on X/XX/XXXX"'s to your story description just reads like shit. Especially when you reach the point where the algorithm just automatically features your story when you post updates. It's a turn off for me, I'm sure it is for others too.

Stop it.

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Hey, i have a issue with one of your stories, Haylo: A New World. Now im not hating on it, ok i just want to tell you, you left out the only person that the Rookie speaks to, Sierra-118, (AKA) The Great Commando, (aka) The Swords Master, (AKA)The Brawler. If you need help adding him, i can help ya. I know this dude extremely well.

Are you able to create fanart of spike and his five new best friends in the story “Spike’s turnabout” with rainbow power?

  • Viewing 466 - 470 of 470
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