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Hello fellow My Little Pony lovers! Along with writing stories, I am also an artist. I am maiu_10 on Instagram, so if you care to trot on over there and check out my art ((maybe even follow me?))


Hello! PoniesLoveMe, here! I'm also known as Maiu!

See those Top Favourites down below? They are there for a reason: FOR YOU TO READ THEM! Seriously, though, they are all very good stories and I hope you all get as much enjoyment out of them as I did! :heart:

Also: Feel free to read my main story, Cheshire! It's over there, to the right. I would love some feedback/constructive criticism on how to make it better! :twilightsmile:

And maybe give me a watch if you think I'm worthy? :scootangel:

(I am trying to get back on my feet with A Hoof in Adventure)


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Comment posted by PoniesLoveMe deleted Dec 1st, 2013

311261 your welcome!! and i LOVE your story lunaluver! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch !:pinkiehappy:

309518 ok, thanks. (Sorry i didnt reply, i had to stop "playing" on the computer :trixieshiftleft: )

309494 Well, it's a minimum (as listed in the story guidelines). They decided the chapter minimum should be at least a thousand so it would be a sufficient story. It's also stated in the FAQ.

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