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donald trump card

Did ya ever make a username based off a celebrity pun? Then years later said celebrity runs for POTUS with such twisted platforms that he's endorsed by Kim Jong Un, Putin, and The KKK? No? Just me? K.

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The Man With No Country- chapter 2 (writing)


New Story, New Me · 5:54pm Jun 17th, 2016

As you might be aware, The Sequel to The Man With Two Names has just been published. Well, the first chapter, anyways. I know that I said that I was going to try to write it all at once, but that was not a good idea. Between college, and that huge intimidating writing task, I was paralyzed by procrastination, and it suddenly became easy to avoid this daunting task in favor of other pursuits.

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So good to see that author of one of my all-time favorite fanfic is a Donald J. Trump fanatic!
Make America Great Again! Build that wall! Feed those koi fish! Amrite, fellow MAGApede?

Wow, unlucky username.

At first I thought you were riding the memes until I saw your comments and your description.

Wow. You called it miles before any of us did.


So, in other words, you're going to distance yourself from winning and having extremely support. Good to know! Let me give you a head start by telling you stink, I'll never read any of your stories, and I just thumbed down all of them, jerk!

MAGA 2016!



  • Viewing 76 - 80 of 80
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