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Jetstream S

Hey guys! I'm Jetstream, and only run on pure JP-7. What is JP-7 you ask? Ask Google. Google will know.


Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves. -Henry Davis Thoreau. "I've heard that quote several times over the course of my life, but only now am I finally beginning to understand just what it meant as I wander through this God forsaken land."

"My thumb removes the holster’s guard, and I pull the pistol from its place on my hip and bring it up. My finger squeezes the trigger but all I hear is a soft click. The wolf’s ears perk forward as I do, and it leaps without warning..."


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Solutions to war, famine, disease and societal collapse are not easily happened upon. For Celestia and Luna, the solution was a mystery for eons, until their top six battle mages forged a plan from their very essence. To unite their absolute individual powers into one worthy host. One who could put an end to the horrors plaguing the budding nation of Equestria.

Only one pony was ever worthy. His deeds and heroism ultimately culled evil and hatred from Equestria and allowed peace to reign. After this achievement, the power vanished of its own accord upon the natural death of its wielder.

However, it seems that something in the shadows has provoked the lost power's return in the form of a new carrier, and she's going to find out her true destiny through a series of literal trials by fire.

(Updated on 3/1/2019, I'm ashamed that its been almost 5 years since my last chapter update...)

This is my take on the origin of "Super Rainbow Dash." Shout out to the creator of Super Rainbow Dash, Super Klonoa. My apologies for not finding out who you were sooner!

Thanks to unexpectedly high ratings, this story has been moved from an experimental work to a full production. Edited by the Awesome Amazing Regular... uh.. "Solid" SolidFire.

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I am a United States Air Force fighter pilot. I'm supposed to be a fearless, balls to the wall man of unfathomable feats. But somehow, I was taken from my world during a simple, routine flight. Now that I'm stuck here, part of me wishes I could have done things differently... The other part wants to stay here in this peaceful land, surrounded by serenity. Only time will tell where my road leads. I just hope I can find a way to cope in the mean time.

"A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us."
~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Awesome cover art by Balthasar999

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