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Hello! Just a reader here. Maybe will write someday.

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I draw and make music.

Favorite game genres: Adventure, RTS, RPG, Simulation, Sandbox, Survival, MMO, etc.
Hobbies: Art, Music, Writing, Reading, Gaming.
Interests: Programming, AI/Machine Learning, and Game Development.

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Haha, your welcome and thanks.

1913942 Hi! And no problem! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch :twilightsmile:

1900888 No problem! Can't wait for the next chapters :)

Thanks for adding my story to a bookshelf (I think that's how it works on this site)

Hey, thanks for the fave mate :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the favourite.

Oh, wow! And now, thanks a bunch for the Watch! I'll do my best to keep deserving it!:twilightsmile:

550168 No problem. That story was great! Hoping for more. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Aetriphous deleted Jun 29th, 2013

I'm very glad that you enjoyed my little story about two ponies who are still in love. Thanks for your Fave of The Father of My Children, and I hope that you'll consider reading my other works as well!:twilightsmile:

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