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This is my biggest regret.

Great, must read stories

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Congrats. There is no excuse for the subsection I made and the errors I included. On the other hand, I haven't edited my 'Divinity' folder in a couple of years now, so the stories found there are not all great. So I am going to be lazy about it and rename it instead.

Onto something more interesting: Why did you join the fandom? You're late and it's on the verge of dying out now. Sure, there is no shortage of content for you to go through and the history is still all there, as well as the change in the stories that have occurred as the people matured but the community is not as active as it once was. Especially since the show isn't as great as it once was. Is it a passing interest, an alt acc or something else.

Whatever it is, have fun. Also, you should check out SarcasticBrony. He left so there is no point in following him but his stories are still good.

FYI - Both of your “divinity” bookshelves have typos, which kind of diminishes whatever praise you might have for some else’s grammar.

One, you need a comma after ‘site’.
Two, it’s ‘whether’ not ‘weather’.
Three, ‘grammatically wise’ is your own personal vomit stain on the English language. It should say ‘grammar-wise’ and ‘concept-wise’.

If you’re going to label anything as “divine” or “trash”, at least have some understanding of what your own standards even are.

I saw you put my story in the trash. Just be sure to empty the bin before someone comes along and considers taking it out to keep as their treasure. :trollestia:

Hi, I saw you put my story under ‘Trash’. Now everyone is entitled to their own opinion and taste, but I was just wondering what it was you didn’t like about it?

Eh, fair enough.

  • Viewing 53 - 57 of 57
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