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Great, must read stories

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I see, well thank you for reading it regardless.

Bookshelf just means that I added it on my shelf to know that I have already read it, nothing more. It doesn't mean your story is good. Your story has quite a few issues. A few major ones--incorrect grammar, characters not representing themselves better and so on--and a few things that I find distasteful such as, all the swearing. Cursing is stupid if you don't know how to properly curse.

Thank you for adding The Tale of a Lost Wolf to your bookshelf.

Disregarding the fact of too many POV changes... The character development is lacking, the world building is good and it feels big but it feels weird. There are just parts where the dialogue just gives up on me, and I have to sit through this lifeless and gooey pile of sadness, trying to make sense of it.

As regards to the grammar, it is passable, there were hiccups here and there but nothing too glaring.

In the end, there is a long road ahead of you, but sooner or later you'll get there.

Thanks for adding When the snow melts to your bookshelf. I hope you enjoy it, and can be a little forgiving about the occasional spelling or grammatical error! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 42 - 46 of 46
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