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Back in business! · 12:08pm Oct 14th, 2016

After going to go see Shin Godzilla with some mates(good movie btw, watch it if you like monster movies) I said 'fuck it' and bought a cheap keyboard replacement; it's a bit bulky and cumbersome but it'll do. Gonna try and finish chap 4 this weekend.

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I fucked up · 5:21pm Oct 4th, 2016

Bad news, my laptop is temporarily broken. Because I spilled shit on my laptop keyboard it's essentially started acting like it's haunted; the keys LED lights underneath flash on and off, it keeps typing 9 over and over (hitler's up to his old tricks again), some letters type a string of other shit(Y equals to 7)d now for some fucking reason) and so on. Software wise it's fine so I should have the keyboard fixed soon but I'm going into my final tests for highschool before Uni so I'm going to be

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Busy for awhile · 11:55am Jul 24th, 2016

Hey, real quick but I'm going to be busy with real life stuff for the next two weeks but I plan to keep writing when I'm not too wrapped up in shit. Sorry for the delay.

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So...Hows things? · 10:56pm Feb 6th, 2015

First off, I will try to get back to writing on a schedule, its just hard when you have other real life commitments getting in the way.
Secondly, I wrote the next chapter of Nature's Will. Thats right! All 13 of you can now see what happens next in my desperate attempt to make a half decent story out of an OC Alicorn fic...Fucking Christ what was I thinking?
Thirdly, the next story I'm gonna update is Chassis, then Rangers, and maybe Faded Flame.

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My writing Schedule · 11:43am Aug 25th, 2014

For the few people who care I feel I should address this. By now im sure you've noticed I take forever to update a story, this is mostly because I'm entering my senior years of high school with a lot of stuff I have left till the last minute to work on, plus I stay after school to work with the Drama people on some days, meaning I em usually crushed under a metric fuck ton of stuff to do either in my personal life or my school life. I will try to update Chassis and Faded Flame at least once a

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