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Somebody that I used to know?

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Yes, the rest of what is written for the two unfinished stories will be posted. I'm very slowly getting around to all of it. College is taking up a large amount of my time, so I don't get to work on it quite as much as I want. As for why he took down the stories? It was a religious thing. He's trying to be a pastor, and since he had originally signed his name at the end of the stories, people could potentially track them back to him. The stories have pre-marital sex, some violence, and some other things that aren't exactly promoted by the Christian faith.


Your welcome. I favorited, and followed because I finally found the rest of family mares(the sequels and so on) And since I have absolutely fallen in love with the Family Mares Series I had to fav them and follow. On an off hand note... Is the rest of "If You Hear Me, Let Me know going to be posted? This has me worried... Because I love the story to much to see it abandoned...
And one more off topic thing... The author that gave up the "Family Mares" stories... Why does he want to wipe them from his mind. Its so masterfully writen, and flows so well it tears at all my emotions when I read them. A story that good should have been a published book. I've never seen an author so masterfully weave words that it plays on my every emotion while reading... Why give up such a master piece?

  • Viewing 3 - 7 of 7
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