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Don't you worry I am quite patient.
If it takes a month or two it makes no difference at all, you should always take as long as you need.

As long the story isn't cancelled or on hiatus I am happy:pinkiehappy:

688349 Aw, thanks. =3
As I have posted in my blog, the next chapter is huge and I'm doing my best to hurry it along, but there's a lot to hammer out. I'm about half way done and its over 7 pages long. XD
So please don't worry if I take a while to get the next chapter posted. Its coming. :scootangel:

No problem its a very nice story after all :pinkiesmile:
It is so much better than most HiE fics I read so far and I am really interested how this story will progress.
Keep It up :D

Thanks for faving The Tale of Lord Barleycorn! :pinkiehappy:


Haha no reason for being modest I really like your story because it doesn´t follow the normal "rules" of HiE fics (Guy comes to Equestria and starts a new happy life).
There are seldom good fics with Human vs Pony and I am really enthralled to see were the story is going.
Also you writing quality is really good I´ve seen much worse ;D
My only advice for improving your story quality would be to look for a pre-reader because I saw some typos or a missing word.
Keep it up :D

  • Viewing 9 - 13 of 13
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