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I had a great time, but sadly, I'm not really interested in writing pony fics anymore. It's been a wild ride. Keep on being amazing, folks.


Six unlikely heroes will be chosen to fulfill a prophecy, and may ultimately save Equestria... or destroy it.
Takes place a few years after the first Hearth's Warming Eve incident.

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When a man is stripped of his memory and his humanity and is thrown into a new world, it only becomes more important to him to find what it means to be human. He must protect those he cares about, those he despises, and those he doesn't know. He will discover the meaning of humanity, the differences he sees in other races, and most importantly, if he really is human deep down.
Then when the locals learn more about him, things get complicated.

Takes place in a universe where My Little Pony never existed.

[[I'll be honest, this fic is NOT my best work, and is VERY borderline cliche. Not exactly sure why I wrote it. Maybe to get ideas off my chest, or something. I understand anyone who may dislike this. Do not expect frequent updates, as I tend to write this fic whenever I feel like it.]]

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Equestria. A society with magical God-like powers; teleportation, creation/destruction of matter, spontaneous energy, defying gravity, CHANGING gravity- With advanced technology and confirmed knowledge of the cosmos... How has this society not even reached the space age yet? One stallion dares to find out. He has gazed at the stars his whole life... Now he will touch them.

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