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Several centuries in the future, ponies fight against Hybrids for the remaining resources in Equestria. Inspired by the game, LP Recharge, a new iteration of Linkin Pony Recharge is born. While different than before, we still follow some of the same characters. In this adventure, the Unicorn CharmingRhythm teams up with his father to retrieve a stolen item from the Resistance Headquarters. Along the way he learns information not meant to be at his disposal.

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That evening the Marshal and the Officer, CharmingRhythm, went to the Tribe's Chief to negotiate. But it ended horribly, and now the Chief wages war. The Marshal was killed by the Chief's guards, and CharmingRhythm is put next in line to be Marshal of the Troops.
This was actually written in 2015. It's an extra little story to go with my comic, Linkin Pony- When They Come For Me. I decided to put it here to give the comic a little more hype.

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March 20th, 2016. HyperBlitz has never liked getting older. His friends have to help him feel better, let him know it's okay to age.

This is really meant to be for someone who already knows my characters, sorry if I have too many of them in here. Maybe you can still follow along.This is based in the Recharge world, and alternate timeline.

Rated teen for a few bad words. It's pretty fine for everyone besides that.

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In the not so distant future, ponies have mistreated the world. One pony alone can't do much to change it, but can dream big. In this story, that pony is GentleSketch, a unicorn colt. His father is a part of the famous Linkin Ponies, who not just go around trying to help ponies, but make music.
GentleSketch still can't use magic, and beats himself up for that reason. He just wants to show his father that hes good for something, while maturing, learning about the world,other ponies and forgiveness. Can he make is father proud, or will he just mess up big time?

Sequel/Spin off of Linkin Pony- Recharge but it is not necessary to read it before. This one introduces itself and is better written.

Rated Teen for some foul language, and some gore later in the story
Fun fact: "Chasing The Sun" is a working title
There are many categories for this story, including sad and comedy, which are conflicting.

There are references to canon things and characters, such as the Princess and the Mane Six. They are not main characters though. Although one may appear later in the story.

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The world is dying, the new breed is taking control. The Linkin Ponies need to find a new way to live. But how much to they have to sacrifice just for their own lives? And will any other ponies find them? There has to be a new source of energy out there, but is the world at a Catalyst nopony can change?

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Its been a few months after the Rebellion teams came together. But the rebellion is for good, to stop the Hybrids from ruining the world, more then it is ruined. HyperBlitz is in the head team, and all he wants to do is help. But when his friends tell him to calm down, his energy builds up, and makes him mad. How does he get out of this?

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Different worlds have different societies , in this world, it is based on Numbers. Everypony has their own number. 5 is a powerful purple unicorn, who is the student of the Princess, 1. But 5 doesn't understand why all of these ponies don't have names. She is determined to find their real names of herself and friends, even if that means betraying 1.

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HyperBlitz is concerned. After leaving their world, the Linkin ponies have to live in a spacecraft. All seems to go well, each pony has their own contributions, but how long can they last? Hyper feels that this is the end... is it?

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This story is based of of Linkin Park's Game, Recharge, which takes place in the not so distant future, where all of the worlds natural resources are gone. (only some electricity is left) But the Linkin Ponies found a new energy, under the earth, and use it against the Hybrids, and get more ponies to get the salvation they need.

(Really, for categories, its not just comedy, but a mix of everything. If 'emotion' was a category, that would do well. I am good with writing many emotions.)

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