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“No matter what, we face it together!”

These were the last words heard by the army of creatures as they approached the hilltop, determined in that moment to save the princess and bearers of harmony above all else.

But they were too late.

Thus, Equestria grieves.

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*Chapter one and two have been edited to better suit the feedback given within the comments. The overall plot has remained the same.*

I've always liked change. It gives curiosity a chance to experience new and exhilarating ways to retry aspects in life. But when it comes to the point where physical or mental trauma are caused by the change, I draw an unswayable line. The very idea of pain from such a productive source shakes me to my very core, but I get through it. I've always gotten through it in the end and returned with a righteous determination, so what would prevent me from doing so now?

Huge thanks once again to apuppy120 for editing and currently being drawn cover art.

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I have never liked my queen. The way she has always kept us in this pathetic excuse for a home, never allowing us to see the life of the outside world. Why do we have to live in this disgusting hive? Why not in the fresh air and beautiful forests? I despise the way she has always ruined the lives of other races just for us to feed and thrive. There must be another way through, and I will find it before she goes through with her final scheme. I will be in eternal regret if she succeeds in this plan.

I will stop her.

No matter the cost.

AN: a huge thanks to GuyWithAmp for editing and the awesome cover art.

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