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Fallout‽ Equestria: Console User Manual is a collection of Sketch Stories in the magical wasteland(?) of Equestria. After a Princess, a Zebra Caesar, some aliens, and half of the entire planet simultaneous crit-fail their diplomacy speech-rolls, everything blew up. But then it got better. Kinda.
But then there’s always that one pony who thought getting blown up was the most fun thing they ever did, and would totally do it again. “Ten out of ten, doesn’t require any survival, would explode again!” Over two hundred years after the great accident that doomed Equestria to a brown and grey fate, survivors in Stable Lab Forty-Five Research and Development gave that one pony a prototype Pipbuck attachment with the ultimate power over all life, all physics, and all of reality. So naturally, the first thing they did with it was die horribly! The second thing they did with it was ignore the user manual and play with it like a toy.

The weird escalates quickly... and ends everything abruptly. But it's always conveniently fixed by the next episode, so yay!?

If you were expecting friendship lessons, they’re not here.

(Note: No manuals included. Nopony ever read those anyway.)

(Actual Note: These tales are tangentially based on the setting of Kkat's Fallout: Equestria. Familiarity with that story may aid your understanding. Looking up setting questions on the wiki will work just as well. Familiarity with the Fallout games is not expected.)

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