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Night Star the Scholar


Legend of Equestria under DDOS attack. · 8:55am Jan 24th, 2015

Thought of playing Legend of Equestria tonight using my character aforementioned Night Star where it was originally created to begin with & use it as my avatar in this site.

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Change of my user name. · 5:41am Jan 5th, 2015

Well... Changed my user name to fit my avatar. I haven't changed it because the name Night Star had been already picked by other users. Tried using different styles but each one was picked. So eventually decided to add a descriptive noun to my avatar's name because originally, it is a scholar.

So Night Star the Scholar is his name for now until I come up with something else.:rainbowwild:

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[no title] · 6:04am Apr 26th, 2014

Well... took down my old avatar with the stag looking over its flank. Saying: "Bite me..." I think it's pretty stupid

Changed my avatar with my character for the online game Legends of Equestria, open for three days during beta testing. His name is Night Star. I wonder if I can change my user name?

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