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Sick Leave · 7:02am Mar 7th, 2013

So, the reason why I'm late this time is because of my old friend Influenza. Yes, turns out public schools are like germ brothels.
I'm working on chapter 12, but... it's chugging along. I'm just too worn out to do much of anything for any real length of time.
I'll try to get it out by the end of the week, or at least over the weekend, but... no promises.

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Consolation Prize · 6:50am Feb 25th, 2013

Just gonna be up front about it; the next chapter is going to be late due to life getting in the way. I'll try to get most of it done tonight, but odds are you'll be seeing it Monday, or even Tuesday.
So instead, as a consolation prize, I'll leave this little teaser here.

Also, the next chapter was inspired by both this song and this song.

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Bronies. Bronies Everywhere · 5:17am Feb 8th, 2013

So, I was waiting outside my class at college, trying to kill time... when I happened to glance up at the notice board smack dab in front of me. And what should I find? A picture of Derpy, printed out and pinned to the board.
I took a picture of it, but can't figure out how to put it to my computer, so... meh.
Still, it was one of those awesome moments where I realized that there were actually bronies scampering about all around me.

Now, on to business...

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Delayed... again · 8:04am Jan 30th, 2013

It's two in the morning, I've only got a third of the chapter left to go... and I'm too tired to think.
I'm sorry for the constant delays, I really am, but I'm dead on my ass right now. Between college and fighting this flu, anything i put out there right now would be rushed trash not worthy of your time.

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Go Black Betty, Bam Balam! · 9:54pm Jan 29th, 2013

So I realize that I'm a little late on my next chapter release, which I meant to get out yesterday.
Two things came up in that regard.
Firstly, I've been fighting the flu since Friday, and have been just too tired to do anything productive.
Secondly, the chapter kind of took off on me. I'm still not quite done, and it's already longer than any of my previous chapters (and I fully expect it to be near double the length of some of them). Consider it my apology for being late.

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So I have a Question... · 4:15am Jan 27th, 2013

After someone mentioned this in the comments on IoA, I've started thinking, and have been thinking on it all day. Personally, I can't make up my mind, so I thought I'd put the question out there for you fine fellows.
So, basically it comes down to this; do you think I should replace the Comedy tag on The Irony of Applejack with a Sad tag instead? I can't have it both ways, so I was just wondering...

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I Lied · 4:52pm Jan 23rd, 2013

So, I wasn't going to do anything today except reply to some comments and lurk in the background today.
That was before I went to bed last night. And forgot to take my mother trucking sleep medication. Just so all of you know, Chronic Insomnia is a BIIIIIIITCH.
Funnily enough, the resulting pressure headache and sleep deprivation put my head exactly where it needs to write, which I tried and failed to do last night.
So basically...

Chapter 4 incoming.

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