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A comment driven story based on the card game, Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder, by Horrible People Games.

Rated T for Teen. Tags are due to the ridiculous and outlandish nature of some cards, but any sex mentioned will not be graphically detailed, and said scenes will "fade to black" before things get going. Cards shown in the Author's Notes at the end of each chapter are SFW, but some of them are very silly!

Cover art is mostly mine and based on the card box. Twilight's head was drawn by the artist of the cards, Pixal Prism. Be sure to check out their other artwork too.

Twilight Sparkle has written a treasure trove of relationship fiction over the years, shipping everyone and anyone, no matter their relationship to each other, partner preference, or coat and mane colors. No one is safe from her typewritten whims! If anyone ever discovered it, her work would no doubt become famous--or infamous. Now, in a moment of genius--or madness--she has decided to create a masterpiece, the greatest shipfic in the entire history of shipfics!

Will she pull it off? What wild and wacky shenanigans will ensue? What untold relationship horrors will Twilight create this time? You, the reader, get to help decide!

At the end of each chapter, the readers will be offered "Goal cards", "Pony cards", and "Ship cards". Choose from among the pony and ship cards to advance the story. Earning a goal card by steering the story into a certain outcome gives a number of points. When 11 points are reached, or the "finale" ship card is chosen (whichever comes first), the story will end. Only the core game deck will be used for this story, but if it gets popular enough, I'll throw in the expansions in a sequel. All of the cards in the decks were shuffled beforehand. I have no idea what's going to happen in advance.

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SPOILERS for Gravity Falls' season 2 & series finale (Seriously, GF is best gone into blind!). Set during MLP:FIM Season 6 after "The Crystalling". You have been warned!

This cover art is not mine. It's a placeholder until I can make my own. Found it through google. It belongs to Pony Stark. Go check out their other artwork too.

One year after Weirdmageddon, the Pines reunite in Gravity Falls for another summer of adventure. A fall into Equestria wasn't what they had in mind though, or being turned into colorful ponies...

Twilight and friends seek to help the lost travelers return home, but meanwhile, a new danger sets its sights on Equestria, and revenge.

MLP / Gravity Falls Crossover

Big Thanks to MyOwnNameWasTaken for being my Beta Reader. Go check out his stories, too! :twilightsmile:

Author's Note: So after the epic Gravity Falls finale that was Weirdmageddon, and the welcome surprise of MLP's season 6 starting, I got inspired to write this. Hope you like it! Also, to those wondering about Daring Do and the Order of the Eagle, yes, I do plan on continuing it and fixing those first chapters. But I currently have writer's block for it, unfortunately, as well as other projects, so that might take a little while. :fluttershysad:

P.S. To those readers who feel the need to give me "thumbs down" votes: I would really appreciate it if you would please leave a comment telling me why you down-voted. I can't improve my writing if I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

Obligatory Disclaimer: I do not own Gravity Falls or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Gravity Falls is owned by Disney. Everybody here already knows who MLP is owned by.

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They thought it was just another exciting story when the new book came out. But Twilight Sparkle and her friends soon learn that all fiction hides truths.

Some more deadly then others.

For Twilight and her friends, what began as a mere foal's story soon becomes a whirlwind of mystery and danger. As strange events begin to center around Ponyville, the fate of Equestria once again rests in their hooves.

MLP: FIM / Assassin's Creed

p.s. The cover was made by me. :)

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