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I'm not really one to yell but...

STAR WARS!! :flutterrage:


Funny, I'm going to write a little more on it now.

Sorry it's taken me so long.

I'll tell you a little story about that story:

I use WALHFMF as a vent for any emotional troubles I may be having. If you remember Chapter 3 when Jimmy had that big rant? That was something that happened to me. Jimmy is a representation of me, any trauma mentioned, any little story, that's all me.

I have been terribly busy with school and such, so updating takes a very long time. As far as the emotional problems go... Well... I've got some now. So that's fuel for the story, therefore, something will come out soon. I won't let any of my stories reach a year of inactivity, don't you worry.

Thanks for being a trooper and sticking around this long man! You'll be rewarded soon enough.

What happened to "With a Little Help From My Friends"? That was good stuff. I've waited silently all this time... I think it's time I voiced my concerns.


Wow man, I'm quite flattered, thanks :pinkiehappy:

Updates will arrive soon, but I'm a bit tied up with school and such right now. Also trying to decide what direction to take the story in. Hopefully it'll be out soon. I also made a point to update my other fic before it reaches one year of me not updating it. It would be quite unfortunate if it were to reach that point.

But yeah, thanks for the compliments, updates will hopefully be along soon.

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