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Hi, I'm just a guy who happens to be a dad. I am also a wannabe author who has delusions of grandeur. But my favorite activity is reading and discussing the wonderful stories I read here.

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In a world ruled by a Solar Empress, nine hundred years of forced peace under an Imperial caste system have led to decent in the hearts of ponies. A prophecy of the lunar monarch's return has brought forth a cult dedicated to the downfall of the solar dictator. For a thousand years the Solar Empress has known the key to victory is the Elements of Harmony. But with the banishment of her sister her connection to them was lost. So she has sought out those who could whiled them. Little does she know that as she moves to guide destiny there are those who move in the shadows trying to bring them under the sway of the moon.

With the world primed for war, unknowingly a Princess is sent to find her destiny. But when friends turn into foes and her world view is tested will she remain true to her Imperial mother or will she succumb to the darkness.

My submission for January 2014 Alternate Universe event for The Cloud Kicker Fan Club and Winningverse Group

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Daylight Shadow hides a strange secret, one that has nearly cost him everything. After an embarrassing incident involving Royal Captain Shining Armor he has worked hard to prove himself. Now almost a year later Daylight is offered his dream job, every thing he could ever want. A respected position watching over the heroines of harmony, faithful ponies under his command, and an... 'ancient family curse with the only thing keeping it in check is his physical innocence'? Well whats the worse thing that could happen its not like Ponyville is crawling with friendly attractive mares or dark forces plot against the kingdom using their love stealing powers.

Chapters (3)
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