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A humanized shipping fic.

After an unusual accident, Rarity and Rainbow Dash find themselves stuck together. Alone. With almost no hope of being reunited with their friends. What will transpire between the two?

Chapters (5)

Inspired by Prince Luna's adaptation of the MLP VS...

Discord finds another realm, filled with powerful and unique creatures. So, what better option than to pit the six mares who defeated him against these monsters for fun?

Chapters (14)

Twilight's an alicorn. She's busy with her own royal duties. Her friends are happy for her. But when Rarity and Applejack get drinking Rainbow Dash feels the repercussions. She gets angry. Confused. Even a little insane.

Rated Teen for sexual themes, violence, mild profanity and pop-culture references. You've been warned.

Chapters (5)

This is a sequel to Friendship VS Machine

The REDs can't seem to catch a break when it comes to the citizens of Ponyville. But this time, it's for the worse.

Chapters (11)

This is a sequel to No eyes... always watches.

Who doesn't like dreaming? But if your'e one of the Mane 6, you have every reason not to fall asleep.

Chapters (3)

Rarity is stuck in a desert. She can't speak. She has no idea where she is, how she got there, or what to do. But a mountain in the distance gives some ray of hope.

Chapters (9)

This is a sequel to Team Stable 2.

With the RED fighting a mechanical menace, who else but the citizens of Ponyville to join the fun?

(Now with more characters!)

Chapters (10)

The RESPAWN (Reanimation Emulation Software for Preserving Authorized Weaponry and Neurons) system has been used ever since the REDs and BLUs have been at war. But a glitch in the system leads the mercenaries to an unusual setting.

Chapters (8)

The Mare 6 knew something was wrong the minute they woke up. Everypony is missing, and something else found it's way to the small village. And whatever is happening, It won't be good.

Chapters (4)