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1788932 well i am on Lunar lights and so far it is good. my one qualm with what i have read so far is that you use "the male" and "the female" too much. but writing styles are different and that is a small thing that, for all i know changes in the later stories.

Thank you kindly for faving the Chronicles. It's very much appreciated and I hope they prove an excellent journey.

1453971 that was a mistake (for now) i was messing around with the new UI buttons and didn't realise thats what i was clicking. it's on my read later list though and i will end up reading it, and judging from the length of the story itself it will probably find its way to my favorites for real :raritywink:

I greatly appreciate the fav on The Private Scrapbook. I can't wait to hear what you think of it!

1083368 haven't finished the whole thing yet. i found Treason originally and upon realizing it was a sequel i put it and Skyfall into my read later list. then when i finally decided to pick up fanfics again i saw that Skyfall wasn't actually the first story. after reading The Griffon Wars i just had to throw the rest of it in my favorites bin cause i knew they were gonna be awesome. I am just getting into Treason right now.

  • Viewing 5 - 9 of 9
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