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Geralt of Rivia, the legendary, (if slightly amnesiac) White Wolf -- Drops unceremoniously from an unstable portal into the middle of a dark, enchanted forest. It's anyone's guess what will happen next....

-- Especially if the closest pony happens to be Lyra, right?

A few points:

-- I was Inspired by a song called 'Silver and Steel' by miracleofsound on Youtube to buy both games and both the English-translated books: The Last Wish, and Blood of Elves. The other books have yet to be published in english.
-- I'll admit that I played through the games on Easy mode, for the most part, so I'm a little biased when it comes to Geralt's sheer lethality in everything he does, despite his occasional problems in the books.
-- I'll probably have some form of sex/clop in here at some point, and I'll update the tags if/when I feel it's necessary. It IS the Witcher, after all. Hide your women
--Any polish in here is a nod to the origin of the whole shebang. The Witcher is originally polish.... It's just that whatever polish IS in here, I had to use a cheap translator to convert it. If you actually speak/read polish and it doesn't seem quite right, that's why. Sry.

I'll rely on anyone who cares to give me improved wording, and update my chapters accordingly.

-- Finally, this is my first attempt to write anything very ambitious in over 5 years, so my grammar, punctuation and general creativity are probably quite rusty. This is also my first FiMFiction, so don't kill me if I don't get it quite right, right?

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