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Shimmering Melody

Pony-shipping and taboo--enjoying writer here! I also write music yo', and I have a lot of fun. My old stories suck, but feel free to check them out anyway! :)

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Continuation Cleared! · 12:07am Apr 8th, 2016

So! I did say I was gonna do a "at 20 votes, if more up than down, I will continue" sort of thing. Well, at 15-4, I think it's pretty clear that I'm not still utterly bad!

Expect to see the next chapter in 2 weeks, 3 tops! And thanks for your support! :twilightsmile:

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>offline for 4w, 1d
Are you still there?

Because I'm a master of suspense. :ajsmug:

1949296 I know enough to understand that. My right thumbnail hurts mildly where the nail joins the skin. I otherwise feel fine, although it is annoying that food gets stuck in the holes from my recent tooth extractions :moustache:

y u reply so late :_:

Bonjour, mon ami! Comment ├ža va?

...yes, I know you probably don't speak French. Hush.

  • Viewing 59 - 63 of 63
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