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Chapter 2 coming at ya soon · 5:28am Feb 15th, 2013

Coming in at almost 3000 words. I'm very proud of it and cant wait to show it to you guys! Much love to all of you I don't want spoil anything so im just gonna go. So look forward to that

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In the ultimately empty hope you even remember this site, I have something you might find interesting.

You're welcome.


Hello in there? :rainbowhuh: Anyone home?

Yo, Unholy_rarity, where the hell are you? If you don't come out, I will use your real na--
The hell was that!?:twilightoops:

PS on link if dose not show click it its not the same as my profile pic it has background and you can see the small details better ( you have to right click the broke picture icon and open in new tab or window depending on web browser)

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Work ethic

Oh boy the tough one well i plan to be pretty active but dont expect it i tend to get side tracked but im working as fast as i can usually if took my sweet time and had alll the time in the world you would get story in three years so im focusing on this the best i can expect awhole story in month or two time well thanks and remember : DO A BARREL ROLL

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