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Time to call it quits, · 5:55am Apr 4th, 2017

Hey this is Zero here, and first off I would like to thank all who faved my stories, and my account, and those of who I have had many great talks with, but I'm calling it quits, lets face it my spelling sucks, my stories are not that good they are as bad as something Michele bay would do, and slowly fanfiction has lost its love for me.

the fic community has changed so much it has passed this guy by,

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Prithee good tidings, friend, and many thanks for thine favorite of Romancing the (Martial) Artist!

Not really. Mostly because I know nothing about the avatar

Will for one you had Twilight leave for a good reason that is rare in the Wedding stories, and you hardly see element users in FIM Fiction ley alone a pony, Plus I like how she ascended.

I take she will be kind of like the Avatar?

Thanks for the favorite. What did you like most about Twilight: The Elemental Master?

I see you have picked up Zebrican Warlord, it is a very lengthy read but may you enjoy it!

  • Viewing 111 - 115 of 115
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