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Vidi Terram Novam, Vidi Caelum Novum. Terram, Terram Novam in Hanc Vitam! Mazda descedentem et absterget omnia dolori lacrimas!


One wouldn't expect a storaging artifact, much less one containing parts of an incorporeal concept, like the Memory Stone, to have any dramatic physical effects when shattered and scattered in the wind. And, yet, despite that, the gang is faced with such a consequence: Wallflower Blush, frequent user of the Memory Stone and brief rival to Sunset Shimmer, has been heavily and strongly changed by the stone's shattering.

It's now up to the seven friends to find a way to solve or ease Wallflower's situation. But the task won't be neither easy nor without its obstacles...

Alternate Universe, based on the end of "Forgotten Friendship". Contains Physical Regression and Diapers.

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A few months have passed since Crystal Prep Academy's formal defeat in the Friendship Games, the schedule has gone back to normal, including the traditional school trip for seniors. The destination? Eternal City.

However, not everything has really gone back to normal, because the Shadowbolts' direct exposure to magic has brought dangerous attention upon them, which will force them to stand united against a foe out to tear apart the city... and possibly the nation.

Credit to ChudoJogurt for the editing services.

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Nurse Redheart has been assigned to the night shift at Ponyville's General Hospital. She decides to use the secrecy given by the night to express her feelings for a hospitalized young colt that has been proven to be subject of Redheart's interest more than any other patient...

This was written for the 670 members Foal-mance contest.

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Principal Cinch, after suffering the humiliation that was the First Challange of the Friendship Games, has decided to resort to fight fire with fire, by forcing Twilight Sparkle- student extraordinarie and researcher of magic- to unleash the power she has sealed inside a peculiar device.

The trouble is, there's no garauntee that said magic will actually make the user stronger... or limit its effects to the bearer.

Alternate ending of the "The Friendship Games" EQG movie. Contains physical regression and, later on, diapers. Ye be warned.

Credit to the Stargrazer for the cover art.

Currently ShadowMane PX-41 is helping me writing this.

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After “Operation Brain Games” in Transylvania, Yuri’s clone and mind-controlled army has been all but shattered and dispersed,

However, Yuri has one last ace in his sleeve, namely, a stolen Time Machine, one that he’ll use to go back in time and revert all the mistakes he has done that ultimately lead to his downfall. However, the machine overloads, and he is transported in a new land altogether, called Equestria, one ripe to be picked and used to fuel another attempt at world domination.

A world where there is just enough warring to create decent soldiers, but not enough to make it an exhausted one, and one where a leader, King Sombra, much like him leads one of the sides of the war.

Naturally, seven inhabitants of an Equestria similar to the above- along with the humans- are going to beg to differ rather quickly...

Crossover with Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and its expansion Yuri’s Revenge. Some knowledge of the games required to fully understand everything.

This is a collab with the user DrAngryslacks, who is the writer of all the Soviet sections and of other sections that will be mentioned chapter-by-chapter.

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With the Friendship Games having come to an end, peace has returned to Canterlot High. The aforementioned peace has been accompained by a pressing question.

"Why did Principal Cinch chose to strenghten her legacy in a way that put one of her students' life in danger? What brought her to such perfectionism and harshness?"

According to some of the Rainbooms, the answer is contained inside Principal Cinch's house. And so Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are sent to investigate on Abacus Cinch's house, while she is away from home on a self-proclaimed "recovery holiday".

The answer, however, isn't quite what the two girls expect it to be.

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With the end of the Friendship Games and both parties' tacit agreement of never letting the events leak outside either school involved, the situation has stabilized again.

Twilight Sparkle has been transferred from the Crystal Academy to Canterlot High School, allowing her not only to study in a less competitive environment, but also make some friends with the first people giving her the chance to, the Rainbooms.

Soon after her transferral, Twilight will meet an old, unexpected and unwanted, "acquaintance" in her new school. But he's only the herald to the unusual events that are soon going to follow....

Crossover with Harry Turtledove's book series Crosstime Traffic. Set after "Friendship Games" and before the stinger at the end.

Editing credits to DarkZonker.

Cover Art Credit to marking

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I used to have a promising job as notary, a wife bethroed long ago. I used to own patrimony of the like of the stewards of Croesus.

It's all gone.

I'm in Hell, waiting for my sins on Earth to be cleansed by snakes biting me all over and the occasional painful visit of Alexander the Daemon piercing me like some kind of canapè. But, after all, I somewhat deserved it, considered what I've done in the past few days preceding my death, which I had passed inside the body of a cartoon colt chracter named Rumble.

This is the tale of how I, Vincenzo Siterio, went from my normal life, to death and fleeting and extremely painful punishment.

"Teen" right now, "Mature" later. Also, sex for sexual references and a twist.

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This story is a sequel to "Boia Dè!" or "Never Trust the Title of the Course."

After the duel between Blueblodo and Appiano, won by the first, due to the newfound inability of Blueblood of abiding to the rules about Council Membership and his arrest, Appiano has been elected as new Head Councilor in the school's Student's Council, and became its head, while, with some diplomacy and rule-bending Vice Principal Luna's unusual afternoon activity has been restored.

Sunset Shimmer, Fluttershy and Flameboy Shy keep visiting Vice Principal's Daycare, seemingly without any issue.

However, with the "Friendship Games" upcoming and the competition between Canterlot High School and Crystal Academy brought back up, tension, this time caused, caused by competition comes back.

With Appiano trying to lead the school's team to victory in any way possible, and Sunset Shimmer begin his honorary, more morigerate, vice-captain, the time preceding the competition and the competition proper will be surely interesting...

Fair warning, diapers and AB/DL related things may pop up occasionally later on. They will not be the focus, but they will be there.

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After the so-called "Midday Invasion" of the Dazzlings, order has been re-established in Canterlot High, and school life has returned to its regular routine.

This routine, naturally, involves exams and grades.

When offered the opportunity to get a slight raise of marks at the end of the school year, Sunset Shimmer and Fluttershy decide to take part to the same after-school project, one involving a daycare. Little they know, the title of the activity was misleading, and the presiding teacher isn't exactly going to keep it enclosed...

So, yeah, Equestria Girls padded fic with some baby themes.

You may want to leave and not read, if those subjects aren't your cup of tea.

Teen for Swearing and sexual references.

Credito to TheMillenniumFalsehood.

Und thestargrazer

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