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It's the height of summer in Canterlot, and everything is peaceful for Celestia, sole ruler of Equestria and regent of the sun and moon. Her newest and youngest of pupils is mastering every task set before her, moving through every subject with confidence and skill.

Every subject except for one, that is.

Little Sunset Shimmer can't swim. And Princess Celestia aims to fix that... no matter how difficult it ends up being.

In line with the continuity of A Tale of Two Suns, but it's not particularly necessary to read that first.

Cover art done by my very good friend PrettySoldierPetite

Proofread by beacjere, QuillsAndSofas, and Setokaiva

Pre-read by: PoisonClaw

Popular Box 06/07/18 Wow, thanks guys. And five extra group additions. Seriously, 0____0

Feature Box 06/08/18!

Chapters (3)

After the Friendship Games, life at CHS has settled down. No more magical villains to face, or impending disasters. Sunset and the others can go back to living as normal teenage girls. Or as close to normal as a group of magically empowered girls and a former unicorn from another universe can anyway.

But when Sunset gets into trouble, someone she never expected comes to help her, and her life will never be the same ever again.

Disclaimer: I don't own My Little Pony Friendship is Magic or any of it's characters. I'm just a fan.

Cover art done by my very good friend PrettySoldierPetite.

Proofread by Dragon of Shadows

Pre-read (post ch 12's publishing) by Setokaiva

FEATURE BOX 11/28/17!

EDIT: Added the MLP: FIM tag because of recent events, and I really should have put it in before this anyway.

EDIT 04/14/19: While the content of this story does not qualify for the "Dark" tag, I have been advised to give a warning that chapter 6 contains a scenario that may trigger some individuals. Tags: psychological abuse & gaslighting.

Side Story
Swimming Lessons

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