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Fletcher only cared about one thing: protecting his allies. That is, while he still had them. Several years after his exile from the hive, he comes across and rescues a pony foal from the bandits that killed her parents. Now that she's safe, he must find a home for her. Shouldn't be too hard. Ponies are nice... to their own kind anyway. One thing's for sure: caring for her himself is completely out of the question.

Author's note: The alternate universe tag is for a few reasons. Mainly because while Shining Armor exists in this universe, he's Twilight's LBBFF (Little Brother Best Friend Forever). The Changeling invasion on Canterlot still happened, just... differently. Other than that, everything's mostly the same. The timeline is somewhere between season 2 and 3.

Featured 01/17/15 :pinkiegasp:

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