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Niko Bellic arrives in the world of Equestria...All he wants is a god damn taxi.
(This is a joke, I wouldn't take it seriously....ever....)
(Read the fanfic reading here> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZihVdpGG2zQ )

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Some ponies don't like to stay dead...and our protagonist here proves it...

5 years after a failed attempt at robbing a high security bank within Manehatten, his hat, displayed once in a museum, is stolen, and seconds afterwards taken by a large gust of wind towards, yours truly, Ponyville. Now, with the strange new chance at life that was thrown at him, he has the ability to right his wrongs of his past life, and make a new one for himself...the only problem is that he doesn't remember his real identity, or how he even got his new life to begin with...

Now stuck in a confused state in an attempt to find out as much as he can, he finds out that first of all, he is a she and second of all, she isn't exactly who she thinks she is...

(Okay this is like for sure canceled but it's not dead. I'll let you know what I mean when I do the thing I wanna do)

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