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15 ponies: The Mane 6, the CMC plus Babs Seed (aged up), the princesses, Shining Armor, and Spike all move into a peaceful little town of Town of Ponyville. But, within this town lies the Mafia, the Serial Killer, and other neutral evil that threaten the lives of this town. It is up to these ponies to use their resources and abilities to lynch all who are against their own. This is Town of Ponyville.

Based on the popular, Flash-based (and soon to be Steam released) game Town of Salem by BlankMediaGames.
This story will be setup as would a regular ToS game. Please do comment on how my formatting of this story is and how to improve to make it like the original game
Contains TwiShy shipping and non-descriptive death of characters.
Cover Art by bakki

Chapters (2)
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