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Tags on next Chapter of Eveining picnic. · 1:39am Feb 7th, 2017

Short and simple, the tags on the story are updated for what to expect and i doubt anything will change wile writing it.

My reason for not including 'All the way through' is simply because i did not feel like it... yet. I like the kink but every time i think about it i get this sorta "Eehh.. maybe a bit too much for my second fic ever.." cause as it is, this is a large jump compared to my first Fic.

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Thinking about writing. · 4:11am Dec 14th, 2016

As it says, I've had a few ideas every now and again, there's one I've thought of more and it would be a longer one.

I would have Clop stories, clean stories, and plenty of romance, would maybe take a suggestion if i liked it.

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To anyone who bothers to read this. · 6:38pm May 19th, 2013

Im in the middle of making a story, but i need grammer and spelling help. If i could get some one to help me out with that it would be great.

Edit: this has stopped a long time ago, mostly cause I have no clue what to do, let alone my spelling can be ass at times, grammar, worse.
Though, if there is still someone willing to help, my story may one day come to life.

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