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When Twilight recieves a mysterious gift in the mail, things start taking a turn for the worse when a mysterious evil is accidentally unleashed. Something horrible has come to Ponyville. Something that attacks ponies and drags them away in the middle of the night. And no pony seem to be able to stop it.

Proofread by GoWeegee
Cover art by Candy Bloom

This is my first foray into Dark stuff, so don't blame me if you don't get scared. Rated teen due to some violent scenes.

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On one fateful day, Applejack is forced to haul a cart full of apples into Ponyville. Without Big Mac. During a rainstorm. Along with Applebloom. Things don't go as planned, and before the day is over some choise words will have been uttered, some rather embarassing and painful events will have occured, and somepony is going to get what's coming to them in the end.

Note, this is my first fanfic, I don't know wether it'll be good or not, but I just had to get something uploaded Before I lost my mind. Please keep criticism constructive and fair, otherwise I won't learn anything.

Proofread by these two awesome individuals.
Legion222 & Thatsgoodtoast

Rated teen just to be safe.

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