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Look at it...just freaking LOOK AT IT! · 8:27pm May 9th, 2014

This. Is. GOLDEN!

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Minor update (AKA, why I'm so inactive) · 11:22pm Apr 11th, 2014

I don't know how many of the people that actually follow me will be reading this one, but for whom it may interest, if you're waiting for an update on that clopfic you're following me because of you're gonna have to wait. Now, this may not come as any surprise to anyone, seeing as my last update was several months after I said it would me, but I still feel I owe it to those who may wonder, why I'm so slow.

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So I finally did it · 10:44am Mar 8th, 2014

I finally updated something.
Yeah, sorry for the wait, all of you who are following me because of this story. I know I said it was going to be out a loooong time ago, but due to some stuff going on in my personal life, it just wasn't happening. Sorry for the wait, I really hope it's been worth it (I know it hasn't, but I'm still hoping)

Soooo, yeah, that's about it.

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All the world is waiting · 10:11pm Jan 13th, 2014

Or rather, all 52 people (dafuq, when did I get so popular?) waiting for me to update my story.

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Featured · 11:24am Dec 26th, 2013

Sooo, apparently the collab I did with Rocinante got featured. And I can't link you to the damn thing because it's NSFW.

Oh well, check him out if you want to see it.

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Yaaay, finally did something productive · 10:31pm Nov 18th, 2013

Namely that I updated that clopfic which I can't link to, so this blog post is almost entirely pointless. Oh well, I just hope those of you who've followed me so far aren't to discouraged by the fact that I haven't updated the thing in 7 bucking weeks, and that you'll stick with me. I promise to try and keep updates more frequent, but knowing myself that is probably a lie.

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Have some more art · 10:15pm Sep 16th, 2013

So, I decided since I write so very Little in this blog post, that I might as well turn it into an art blog, occasionally anyway. Yes, I do art as well, not just Writing, and this is my latest Little piece of work. Hope you enjoy it.

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Watch it...just watch it · 12:32pm Sep 12th, 2013

So, in case you are the one single person who haven't come across this one yet, you really need to watch this video by CartsBeforeHorses. I just love how he nails everything wrong with the world. Though, if you are a humorless type, you may wanna stay away, cause odds are the joke will go over some heads.

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Ok, now you're freaking kidding me · 9:11pm Jul 30th, 2013

Yes yes, I know I Went on about my Little clopfic in my last blog post, but seriously, over 1k views? I know I should be happy, and I am, don't get me wrong, but I'm actually starting to wonder if all the faves and such is warranted. My mind wanders back to that blog post Knighty made a few Days back, where he said that good cover art often gets stories upvoted, and I find myself wondering if that might have had an influx on my story. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I wonder how many of

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Okay, this is just ridiculous · 3:16pm Jul 27th, 2013

Yes, it is. I mean, I upload a multi part Epic (okay that was a lie) story that people barely read as my first fanfic. It gets about 16 likes over the course of, I dunno, months? Then I write a short clopfic over the course of an evening, upload it, and less than a day later it has over 500 views, 50 likes, and a truckload of comments (at least from my standpoint).

I guess it's true what they say, sex sells.

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