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Many things happen under a moonlight night

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What would happen if you where transported to a kingdom of Harmony, but instead of meeting the rulers of the land? You fell in to the hooves of a Tyrant King of shadows and were chosen among other three others to become this king's student and learn the ways of dark magic.

and what if every one saw a side of your self that you try so hard to conceal from the rest of the world?

would you let it take on control or would you become its master?

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Night time seem s like a wondrous world of music and peaceful atmosphere .... but it's not as Peaceful as we thought from...

In Trostylvania things do go a bump in the night

Displaced: Me
inspired by Legend of Spike: Dracula written by Diablo Guapo

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This is about two kingdoms from Equestria past and how the Slendermane came to be.
An the war that is between these two kingdoms. The royal families of the two kingdoms, one them is from the Kingdom of Night and the other royal family is from the Starlight Kingdom.
Prince Midnight mane from the Night kingdom and princess Starlight was from the Starlight kingdom. By some twisted fate met and fell in love they thought that they would be together forever. But as fate would have it a Tragedy struck..... Prince Midnight mane's former lover Moonbeam read the story and see what happened then and what will happen next.

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