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Finally Out! · 11:21pm May 8th, 2013

So I'm finally out of the hospital. Took long enough. However, I still need a bit of recovery time, so I'm keeping up my hiatus for now. When I get back to writing I'll let you all know. Also, there was a post I put up back on January 6th that said I was finishing up the end of the story. However, due to help from friends and some random inspirations, that was kind of a lie. Things that haven't been posted yet are being re-written and there are still quite a few chapters to come, so anyone that

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First Round! · 5:09pm Jan 6th, 2013

So for all of you who are following Yoshi, his first excursions in Equestria have been edited and posted! I'm finishing up the last part of the story, so the rest will hopefully be up soon. There are still quite a few more chapters- I've given you the break where it is now for some dramatic effect. Enjoy!

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It'll Be Here Eventually · 5:25pm Jan 3rd, 2013

I'm new to FimFiction so nobody's watching me yet, but for anyone who winds up on my page, I've got a LONG WIP coming. Unlike other writers who are happy to post as they write, I'm waiting until this one is done, as I've gone back to edit things mid-story. In the future maybe I'll do a different posting pattern, but this one's coming first. With all the time that has gone into this thing, I hope you all enjoy it when it's here. For now, I'm going to read everyone else's stuff between chapters.

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