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Hey look just ditch this place i hang out more on DA now you can find me as applejackfan4evr on there.

hey twipiedash where do y'all live:ajsmug::ajsmug::ajbemused::applejackconfused::applejackunsure::ajsleepy:
ilovepinkx33 love hart attack:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

262221 Hi Andy :pinkiesmile: I'm Amy. I'm turning 17 next Tuesday so I am excited hehe :pinkiehappy: you and I are similar in someway lol although I do have alot of friends that live nearby me but I mostly talk to my best friend who lives pretty far :fluttershysad: I can't contact her for like a week now cause her phone is still dead. ugh. lol and I'm Vietnamese. I'm currently a junior in high school sooooo junior year is pretty hard x[ and that's pretty much all I can think of :rainbowlaugh:

My name is Andy or Andrew which ever you prefer:twilightsmile: but most folks just call me Andy i am much like Twilight i like to read and socializing isnt my favorite pass time since when i was in school i spent most of my time studying. so i find internet interaction easier. i have a few friends but they live far away we only talk by computer.so yup its nice meeting you. i might post a story on here but iam not sure my grammar isnt too good i tend to get lazy with it:rainbowlaugh: so i pretty much write for myself.

262121 yay! :pinkiehappy: haha what's your name? and well I just posted 2 stories so far haha xD and I can't wait to see yours too :pinkiesmile:

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