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San's as king · 4:31am March 12th

So. Recently I stumbled upon a human turned San's in the 'killed Sombra and becomes king' setting and it brought up an interesting question.
What if actual Undertale San's had defeated Sombra and became king?
My first thought was that he'd literally spend every waking moment asleep and delegate 'every' responsibility to a trusted second who he or someone else put in charge.

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Thank you Edanite

My bungie.net is Zivis01

You wouldn't have a bungie.net account? Without that I can't invite you unless you get in contact with my clans xbox players.
Try asking Gundamdragon on this site or Ghost of Zeon on xbox. Same person. He'd be able to invite you if you don't want to make a bungie account.

  • Viewing 86 - 90 of 90
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