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Rewriting SiaE Chapter 1, also working on Chapter 6 · 10:49pm Mar 9th, 2012

I gave my first chapter a good read and I felt it was so mismatching to current storyline so I decided to give it a complete redo.

My big thanks still stands for Peppy Greyskull who gave some of his time to edit my chapter, you should check out his massively popular story-

After that Fateful Night (one of my favorite I might add)


Both of rewritten chapter 1 and new chapter will come out on same day, probably this week!

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SiaE Chapter 4 · 11:51pm Feb 12th, 2012

I apologize in advance, chapter four will be put on hold due to my proof-reader going through some difficult situation in his life. It should be up sometimes this week, thanks for your understanding and patience.

Love you all bronies!

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