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I'm a random girl who loves ponies while looking for something to do with her life.

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Rarity finally realizes that she has the same feelings for Spike... But it's too late...

Spike seems to have moved on, while Rarity is stuck impressing him and trying to get him to have feelings for her once again. What Rarity doesn't know is Spike still loves her, but he's getting sick and tired of the way she treats him, even though he's a teenager now. Will this be a roller coaster ride for both of our lovelies, or will it end horribly?

Got inspired by the episode Simple Ways... Don't ask... o3o

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At her boutique, a dragon was always there, assisting all he can. She sees how hard he tries. She notices these little things that the gentledrake does. Ear-to-ear smile whenever he's around or near her, his mood seems to light up whenever she looks at him. Over the years, they've become stronger, happening more often. These are all very clear to her and she knows how he feels about her. The only question is... Does she feel the same?

© My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic belongs to Lauren Faust, as well as Hasbro.

Chapters (4)