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I like girls with dicks, if you couldn't notice. Also stories that are stupid but amusing. And stupidly amusing stories involving girls with dicks. And sometimes without dicks.


Status of "Proofreading Clopfics Sucks" · 1:07am Jul 15th, 2013

I've been getting tons of people asking about this, so I'm just going to make a blog post about it to explain things in detail and then just point people here when they ask about it.

So there are two questions I've been asked a bunch of times:

1. Will I be adding more chapters?

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So I finally make the featured box... · 6:53pm Jun 5th, 2013

...and it's the worst story I've written so far, one I basically shat out for lulz and boners after seeing a picture.

Of all the stories why that one? Why the one that I put the least amount of effort into? Who knows? Oh well, not gonna complain about free press.

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Ugh. · 5:20pm May 19th, 2013

Sorry for taking so long to update anything. Life got busy real fast and clop is pretty much at the bottom of my priority list.

I'm working on stuff, though. No clue how long it'll take.

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Sorry for the delay. · 4:29am Apr 30th, 2013

Real life and shit. Sometimes it gets in the way of writing kinky things. I'm currently working on the Pinkie Pie chapter of Proofreading Clopfics Sucks. It'll be out soon enough. Hopefully it lives up to expectations. Don't know what I'll work on after that. I'll think of something.

I don't know what else to put here, so here's a picture of Applejack spanking Rarity.

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How? · 2:15am Mar 3rd, 2013

>Writes crappy stories about dickgirls, getting turned into panties, and proofreading crappy clopfic.
>gets 200+ followers

But seriously, thanks, guys. I had no clue so many people would give a crap about the stuff I write.

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